Sooo….. I’ve been slacking,…

Won’t say that it wont happen again. but oh well, So IPCPR 2015 came and went. I’m not much of a picture taker/selfie kinda person so I dont have many photos, only memories.  We had a blast though. a Few new Cigars, that are exclusively (for the moment) at Urbane Cigars @ Pandora Cafe.  Great sticks, for me personally.  If it’s not inspiring, I don’t sell it.  This changes as I find new cigars and brands. But for now I’ll update what we have in our humidor right now.

A couple comments on the photos..  Us and Philip Wynne of Felipe Gregorio, We were at the Underground Party, Bourbon street, Quesada Booth (Huge thanks to Terrance and Akhil), and the first bar we went to as soon as we settled into our room at 2am

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